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Sapper - Defuse The Bomb Simulator

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    Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb. In Sapper - Defuse the Bomb Simulator, however, it’s your job! Welcome to the least insurable job in the world: that of a bomb defuser. In this first-person POV puzzle game, it’s your duty to find and neutralize bombs in order to foil a madman’s schemes. Start from a trainee and work your way to a pro, that is, if you live long enough to do so.

    As a sapper, before you can defuse bombs, you first need to find them. This will entail searching every nook and cranny of the zone you’re in, and matching wits with a clever terrorist. You will need to employ skills like lockpicking and hacking to get into likely places to plant an explosive. Search mailboxes, cabinets, ATMs, garbage bins, and all sorts of different places. Hunt through a variety of locations from woodlands to factories to urban zones.

    Once you find a bomb, the real fun begins. Under immense time pressure, you need to solve a puzzle to defuse it. There are different kinds of explosives, ranging from dynamite to a radiological bomb. Are you skilled enough to neutralize them all? Find out--if you dare, that is!

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