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My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror narrative adventure with black-and-white graphics and 2.5D sketch graphics created using Unreal Engine. 

"Welcome, dear child, to your new home. Here you will learn the art of perfection. Here you will learn how to smile." 

Immerse yourself in a dystopian, dark world and learn the story of the inhabitants of a certain kingdom which is ruled by a madman who has a sick vision of a perfect world. According to him, to be perfect, you have to smile widely and be happy all the time. The main character in the game is living in a facility together with other children, the so-called Joyous ones, who have masks with smiles attached to their faces. The children are constantly monitored by members of the Authority, who control the children's emotions and smiles each day and make sure they are not feeling sad. If a child is ever unhappy for any reason, they are taken to an unknown place and are never seen again. Your goal will be to escape from the closed facility where you reside. You are encouraged to do so by the mysterious voice of the Lost Child, which you have heard in your dreams. 

This is a game for adult players as it deals with difficult topics. As you try to escape, you will also learn about the origins of the rules of the regime and the reasons why the children are treated in a certain way, as well as find the secrets that are hidden by the Authorities and your destiny. In the game, you'll rather hide from your opponents, sneak in between them, and use elements of your surroundings, than face them in battle. However, if a fight is inevitable, you will use the primitive weapons you find along the way to defend yourself. The path will be filled with numerous puzzles and discoveries to expand your knowledge of the game universe. Sometimes there will be items necessary to complete a stage, or gifts for the NPCs, which may also be helpful, or quite the opposite. You will interact with your surroundings using the point and click system. One crucial thing int he game is the lighting. By choosing paths well lit, you will have a full view of your surroundings, however, the risk of being detected by representatives of the Authority will increase. A safer option seems to be hiding in the dark, but if you stay there too long, you may become a victim of a mysterious monster that has no face and that is hunting you down from the beginning of your adventure.


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