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    Broken Lines will have you battling both the living and the dead in an alternate history World War II. You lead a band of eight soldiers whose plane was shot down over a supposed neutral zone. Now you’re behind enemy lines, but a hostile army isn’t your only worry. Inexplicably, the dead are rising from their graves and killing everyone in sight. Now you must fight a battle on two fronts. Will you make it back to safe ground, or will you be another casualty of war?

    Broken Lines is a tactical war game where you lead your soldiers on various missions, say, destroying enemy communication lines or getting civilians to leave a dangerous area. The game features a time-based combat mechanic where units act within an 8-second span. Commands you give are put in a queue for you to see, letting you determine when you want certain actions taken. You can pause to give commands and unpause to watch them unfold.

    In between missions, you can rest and talk to your soldiers. Each one has their own personality and back story. Some will approve of the choices you make and others will abhor them. As commander, you will need to balance your needs with the expectations of your soldiers to maintain morale and prevent them from deserting. 

    With the expansion “The Dead and the Drunk”, Broken Lines introduces the living dead in the form of a zombie invasion. You must alter your strategy depending on the location and the types of zombies you face. The undead will come for both your men and the enemy’s, so be sure the enemy bears the brunt of the zombie onslaught!

    The choices you make will determine the outcome of your struggle against both the living and the dead. Test your strategic skill in Broken Lines and lead your commandos to victory—or to the grave.

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