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    No More Heroes 3 is the latest installment in the action game saga about the adventures of the hired killer, Travis Touchdown. He returns to Santa Destroy after being away for 10 years from the city in which the events in the previous games took place to find a huge fortress floating over the city. His task will be to discover what this building is, and he must once again save the world, this time from an alien invasion.

    A little boy named Damon Riccitiello sees an object crashing into the forest during the launch of his rocket. A small alien named FU survived the accident and Damon decides to take care of it and hide it from government agents. They become best friends when they look for a way to help FU to return to its home planet. Damon became saturated with alien powers when he discovered a piece of alien technology at the location of the FUs' shipwreck. This helps to build a spacecraft for FU, who, by saying goodbye to Damon, promises to return in 20 years.

    After 20 years Damon is the CEO of Utopinia, a company that uses alien technology. A pyramid-shaped ship appears above the city, nine aliens come out of it, and one of them turns out to be an adult FU. He has taken on a humanoid form and has become a prince, who was banished for the destruction of a neighboring planet. Now he plans to conquer the Earth, along with the rest of the other aliens by using superheroism. Travis Touchdown, the former top-ranking assassin from the United Assasins Association, returns to Santa Destroy to face aliens from outer space which are impersonating superheroes.

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    Immerse yourself in the intense world of Helldivers 2, where chaos and cooperation define every battle. Are you ready to engage in intense combat and cooperate for the survival of humanity? War awaits.
    • Technical information

    • Official website : No More Heroes 3
    • Categories : Action
    • Editor : XSEED Games
    • Developer : Grasshopper Manufacture
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : October 11, 2022
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows 10 64-bit
      • CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 @ 3.30GHz
      • RAM : 6 GB RAM
      • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
      • Recommended
      • CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU (8 CPUs)
      • RAM : 8 GB
      • GPU : GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
      • Storage : 25 GB
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