X4: Foundations

  • PC
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    X4: Foundations is a space-simulation game that allows you to explore the vast universe and engage in all kinds of activities. Developed by Egosoft, it is available for Windows PC, with online support present for multiplayer mode.

    In X4: Foundations, you will be taking on the role of a commander in charge of their own intergalactic empire. You'll have to manage your resources carefully as you traverse throughout the game's 100-star systems, gathering minerals from planets and solar panels from asteroids while engaging in combat missions against hostile factions when necessary. Trade goods like food, weapons and shields with other players or build factories to produce materials yourself – but be aware of environmental hazards like deadly radiation zones! Upgrade your ships with better engines and weaponry in order to improve your odds against powerful enemies while staying ahead of rivals who may attempt to sabotage your efforts. Venture out into unknown regions and seek out new adventures, but be prepared to battle dangerous creatures or challenging puzzles along the way! Explore procedurally generated dungeons full of mysterious artifacts or resources that could help advance your goals. X4: Foundations provides limitless possibilities within its expansive universe; start crafting your very own story today!


    •  Immersive open-world sandbox gameplay set in a living and evolving universe where anything can happen

    •  Choose between different roles such as trader, pirate or explorer and build an empire within a simulated economy

    •  Command a fleet of ships to create complex fleets with wingmen and fighters for strategic battles

    •  Expand your operations across stations around the galaxy and customize them with upgrades and enhancements.

    •  Co-operative online mode is available for up to eight players, allowing you to plan strategies together against powerful opponents 

    •  Engage in exciting missions or explore uncharted territories for unique experiences

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