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    The legendary dungeon-crawler RPG series returns in one complete package. Diablo III: Eternal Collection combines Diablo III and the Ultimate Evil DLC and the Rise of the Necromancer expansion to create the definitive Diablo volume.

    In Diablo III, you return to the world of Sanctuary to confront dark tidings. A fallen star announces the arrival of a stranger bearing dire warnings: the arrival of demon lords Belial, Lord of Lies, and Azmodan, Lord of Sin. Only by retrieving the Black Soulstone can you stand a chance at defeating the Lords of Hell and stopping the coming apocalypse. But beware, for you have more enemies than you know. With the Ultimate Evil pack, you face down Malthael, the Angel of Death, and his bid to use the Black Soulstone to wipe out all humanity.

    Diablo III: Eternal Collection features all-new classes from Diablo III and all its DLCs: 

    The Witch Doctor, whose use of mana enables them to use curses, harvest souls, and summon monsters.

    The Monk, whose spirit-fueled martial arts lets them attack rapidly and pummel foes into dust.

    The Barbarian, whose fury knows no bounds and can cleave through hordes of enemies.

    The Wizard, whose arcane mastery allows them to cast fire, ice, and lightning and even control time. 

    The Demon Hunter, whose twin sources of discipline and hatred give them the ability to kill from the shadows.

    The Crusader, whose wrath lets them sustain combat against large numbers of foes.

    The Necromancer, whose power over death lets them create minions out of the dead and use blood magic to bolster their attack and defense.

    The Eternal Collection has more in store for players: with bounties, you can explore Sanctuary’s open world in search of a new adventure. You also gain armor sets, Greater Rifts which present high-level players with the ultimate challenges, legendary gems, new companions, season-related conquests, pets, and much more.

    The world of Sanctuary opens to you once again. Can you save it from the ultimate evil?

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