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    Tekken 7 Season Pass is an expansion of Tekken 7 with intense fighting, spectacular battles, and thrilling entertainment. This season pass includes a massive variety of additional content, from new characters to bonus costumes and stages. Featuring all the classic Tekken characters we know and love as well as some exciting new faces to experience in this amazing 3D fighter adventure.

    The functionality of Tekken 7 Season Pass extends far beyond traditional gameplay, allowing you to create your own stories utilizing custom elements such as basic motion data for players who like more control over their gaming. You can also customize specific moves or entire move sets so that you can enjoy competitive matches on a personal level. Additionally, there are tons of unique items available only through the season pass that will change up not just how you fight but also how your character looks on screen. For hardcore gamers or those looking for something more engaging than regular battle modes, try out Practice mode where you’ll be able to learn different techniques through hands-on tutorials or by playing against computer opponents with varying difficulty levels. You may even find special challenges waiting for dedicated players who take it upon themselves to truly master these skills.

    Other bonus features include 'Rage Arts', which allows players to unleash powerful attacks when their health drops low, as well as 'Power Crushes', which allow them to ignore some of their opponent's attacks. With the Tekken 7 Season Pass, you can look forward to hours of intense fighting and experience a thrilling adventure that no other game can provide.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Tekken 7

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