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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

  • PC
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    What is the best battle you can think of? Or better yet, what kind of battle would you make if you could put units of history, or modern life, against each other? Also, how big would those battles be? Would they be 1v1? Team based? Army based? Legion based? Better question, why think about it, when you can just make it? Presenting, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Yes, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, a sandbox title that is striving to be unlike anything else ever made before. For in this amazing sandbox engine you can do just about any kind of battle you want. Whether it be historical, cross-generational, or just something totally insane, the decision is up to you. And don't think that scale is a problem, if you want 10,000 units from one generation going up against 10,000 soldiers of another generation, you can do that, and the game wants you to do that. So, if you want to see WWI vs. WWII, do it! If you want to see medieval knights clash with legions of the Roman Empire? Do it! Plus, you're not just making the battles, you're living them! That's right, you'll get to experience the battle from the viewpoint of one of your soldiers, and personally try and sway the battle in your favor. Or, you can try and guide and rally your forces so that the tide of battle is turned against your foe. Either way, you'll be able to have all kinds of fun. Plus, some units you can use includes Trolls and Chickens. Have fun in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

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    • Technical information

    • Official website : Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
    • Categories : Action , Simulation
    • Editor : Brilliant Game Studios
    • Developer : Brilliant Game Studios
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : June 1, 2017
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows Vista Or Later
      • CPU : Intel Core i5 4590, AMD FX 8320 or greater
      • RAM : 8 GB RAM
      • GPU : AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD
      • Storage : 5 GB available space
      • DirectX: Version 11
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16
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