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    Hunting, one of the most primal and instinctive natures in man. For it is through the hunt that we get food, and show our superiority on top of the food chain. We've long since evolved from the need of hunting every day, but that doesn't mean hunting isn't a part of our lives. Oh no, it's just become more refined, more dignified, and you'll get to experience that with The Hunter: Call of the Wild. For in this simulation game, you'll be given a 50 square mile area to explore, and then use to help you hunt some of the best game in the world. Whether you're a bird hunter, deer hunter, elk hunter, or even a bison hunter, The Hunter: Call of the Wild gives you the game you desire and puts them in their natural habitat for you to seek out and claim. But like in a real hunt, it won't be easy, for this game prides itself on not only its beautiful and life filled world, but also the natures of the creatures that live in it. Not the least of which is mother nature. You'll have to contend with the elements as well as the animals in order to line up the perfect shot. They won't just wait for you to shoot them, so be ready for whatever they may do. Plus, there are special challenges that the locals of this area you're hunting in have. Think you have the skill to take them on? Or, do you want to challenge your friends in multiplayer to see who the best hunter is? There's no wrong options, as long as you enjoy the hunt.

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