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    In the Age of the Sail, only a well-oiled crew will prevail, and Blackwake aims to prove just that. In this unique Naval action FPS, you'll be either Captain or crewmate as you try and make you ship the efficient machine it can be as you battle against other ships and crews as the high seas. Each member of the crew is an actual player, and thus you'll need to truly work as a team in order to win the day, else be sunk to Davy Jones' locker, and who wants that? Each role on the ship is important. Whether you're steering the ship, letting your fellow crewmates know what's going on, manning the cannons, loading the cannons, making sure the cannons have the ammunition they need, and so on. There's a lot to do, and one person slacking off can spell doom in a battle. Or, if you think you're above such labor, try and be a Captain, and see if you can lead your crew to victory in order for your legend to grow. Just remember, the Captain as important role to play as well, so you can't slack off either. The fun of Blackwake doesn't just stem from the battles, but from how each one can differ from the previous one. For example, you can be in a 1v1 battle, or team up with fellow Captains for a full-on 3v3 war on the seas. Plus, the weather and terrain will also change. From sunny days to storm gales, from open ocean to island filled span of sea, Blackwake asks you to adapt and survive. But most importantly, be a team.

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