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Astroneer is System Era Softworks' sandbox adventure game set in space. Astroneer's setting is quite exquisite, as the game takes places during a 25th-century gold rush, and players are aiming for space exploration vast riches. The most useful tool of the players is their ability to shape the world and alter the terrain in order to extract valuable resources. Moons, planets, it doesn't matter, you will be able to find resources on all of them. You can use these newly obtained resources to trade or to craft them into various tools, vehicles, and modules, so you can create things like massive industrial bases or even mobile rover bases. Since Astroneer is a sandbox game, there are no real objectives to accomplish, other than any that the player sets for himself. But, there is a constant thing to look out for, and that is the oxygen level which needs to be replenished every now and then. There are no enemies in Astroneer, but things like dangerous flora, dust storms, and falling from great heights can all kill the player or damage their property. Since harvesting resources from colonized celestial bodies is the main aim of the game, you have various kinds of resources that can improve the player's ship, colony, machines, and so on. There are various machines, pods, and even habitats that can be built which help with mining and colonization. Exploration and salvaging are another great part of Astroneer. The many planets in the game that get visited by players will have spacecraft wrecks and remains of former colonies, and these can be salvaged to provide resources. Each player gets a tool which allows him/her to terraform as much as possible, which can open up paths to some hard-to-reach places. The tools and objects in Astroneer get created by the 3D printer. The player has a small printer in his backpack, but a larger one must be created for bigger objects. Astroneer has online multiplayer, and local co-op is planned to be implemented in the game further down development.

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buy it from steam 15 quid rip off from theses two places

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