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    Continue the search for the details of Kat’s past in the action-adventure game Gravity Rush 2. Building on the story of the original Gravity Rush, and developed by Sony’s JAPAN Studio, Gravity Rush 2 builds on the unique gravity-manipulation gameplay mechanics of the original, while filling in the details of Kat’s mysterious origins. Kat might not know where she came from, but she certainly is powerful. She has the ability to manipulate gravity, allowing her to walk on walls, fly, and unleash devastating attacks on her opponents. New to Gravity Rush 2, Kat now has 2 additional styles of gravity manipulation - Lunar Style and Jupiter Style. Players will have to master all three styles to defeat Kat’s enemies, including the return of the Nevi. Lunar Style will make Kat quicker and light on her feet, and while in Jupiter Style, players will notice she feels heavier and her attacks have more impact. Players can switch between these styles at any time, as well as the more balanced, original style from Gravity Rush, simply by using the directional pad. Gravity Rush 2 also takes players to areas from the original game, like the floating city of Hekseville, and new areas, such as Banga Village, a small mining settlement, and a mysterious place known as The Rift Plane. Kat’s trustworthy companion, Raven, is also back in Gravity Rush 2. An AI-controlled character that fights alongside Kat, Raven can also compliment her fighting style with devastating combo attacks. With a unique art style, enhanced gameplay features, a story that goes deeper than the original, and a world that is 2.5 times larger than the first, Gravity Rush 2 offers an enthralling and engaging experience to Gravity Rush franchise veterans and new players alike.

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