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    Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide is an official expansion pack for the turn-based strategy video game, Civilization: Beyond Earth. Developed by Firaxis Games, this groundbreaking game takes players beyond the confines of our planet and into a new space-age world of exploration and colonization in interstellar space. Through engaging combat mechanics and captivating science fiction narratives, Rising Tide allows gamers to explore a variety of different planets while also discovering their own unique paths to victory.

    Players assume control of one of the eight unique factions vying for control over these distant lands. As they battle their way through each stage, gamers will come across powerful artifacts that provide them with insights into alien technology as well as strategic opportunities that can give them an edge over their opponents. Players must manage resources carefully in order to conquer every objective while utilizing advanced tools such as reconnaissance drones and orbital dropships to help guide their troops from planet to planet without being detected by enemy forces or harsh terrain features such as wild beasts or dangerous energy storms.

    Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide offers intuitive research options that allow players to upgrade buildings ranging from military fortresses and industrial complexes - allowing players to advance further along particular tech trees - giving them even more power in both battle engagement strategies as well as diplomatic negotiations. As gamers progress, they have the chance to unlock powerful new abilities and technologies that can help them achieve their long-term goals.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

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