Warframe – Octavia’s Anthem Update Hits PS4 and Xbox One


Digital Extremes, the creators of the free-to-play co-op online action game Warframe, have announced the Octavia’s Anthem update is now available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Releasing previously on PC, the update brings a musical presence to Warframe, as well as a brand new quest and two new creative tools to get players marching to the beat in the no time at all. The new quest that comes into play will see players search for the Octavia Warframe. This is accompanied by a simple-to-use musical instrument known as the Mandachord, which you can use to create your own songs and sync them up with weapons to use against your foes.

That’s not all in terms of what the music you create is capable of. Rather than just being a tool for dismantling your enemies, you can also use the rhythms you create to be used with other Tenno, as well as trading songs. This feature in particular has had such an influence so far that it has inspired YouTubers and PC gamers to showcase their own original compositions.

The previously released Octavia’s Anthem is now available to console players, so prepare to use the gift of music to enhance your Warframe experience further.



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