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You can die permanently in Weird West now

You can die permanently in Weird West now

The Wild West is the perfect scenario for an exciting adventure, but WolfEye Studio has taken quite an unusual approach to it with its latest game. Weird West takes you to a dark fantasy universe that gunslingers share with supernatural creatures. The game offers you a series of immersive storylines that follow several characters. You discover their origins separately but all their destinies converge in a final chapter that is the culmination of the game. 

Weird West is a thrilling sandbox experience that you can face as you please. The different scenarios and characters in the game contribute to creating a unique universe that already appeals to many players. 



Developer WolfEye Studios continues to enhance several aspects of the game with every new patch and the latest one adds several interesting features. Patch 1.04 adds a new difficulty mode called Nimpossible Mode to Weird West. If you choose this option, you won´t be able to save the game whenever you choose and your progress will be automatically saved only at certain moments in your adventure. Also, you will be able to resurrect and continue your adventure, but only as long as you have Nimp Heads. Run out of them and it's game over for you because the autosave file will be deleted. 

The other major addition of this patch is a new alternative aiming system that you can choose for a different type of experience in Weird West. The list of smaller changes in the patch includes a fix to a problem with blunt weapons and better slow motion when aiming.

Weird West is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You can use our comparator to get a Weird West code and immerse yourself into this strange universe anytime.

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