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WWE 2K22 gets a release date

WWE 2K22 gets a release date

The WWE 2K series has been the one to look at when looking for a good wrestling video game for a long while. 2K Games always made an effort to offer the best and most realistic simulation experience possible, managing to get all the attention of the fans of the spectacular sport, at least until a couple of years ago. Nobody could anticipate that everything would go down through the sink in the blink of an eye.

The release of WWE 2K20, developed singlehandedly by Visual Concepts as a first, came to destroy all the previous work with an inexplicable number of performance bugs that were enough to upset even the most ardent fans of the series, making the game barely playable in some cases. After such a disaster, 2K Games canceled the launch of WWE 2K21, which had the tough job of gaining the fans' confidence again. WWE 2K Battlegrounds was released to quench the thirst of the upset fans. It succeeded up to a certain point as a cartoonish spin-off, but the fans were still expecting the return of their favorite series.



When WWE 2K22 was announced a few months ago at WrestleMania 37, a mixed reception proved that the series still has many followers. But there still was a lot to do to gain back their trust, as the announcement video didn't reveal any release date or who was developing the game. It seems that the franchise is now ready to move forward, and the release date of WWE 2K22 was confirmed yesterday via Twitter.


WWE 2K22 will arrive in March 2022. As you can imagine, waiting until next year has disappointed many fans, but most of them seem to prefer to wait a bit longer rather than having to deal with the massive number of bugs and problems of WWE 2K20. Let's just hope that Visual Concepts has learned the lesson with its first try because the studio is in charge of the development of WWE 2K22.

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