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WWE 2K22 has been officially announced

WWE 2K22 has been officially announced

All fans of the WWE 2K series have had a hard time during the last couple of years. The launch of WWE 2K20 was a disaster and the game soon became an endless source of memes due to an incredibly high amount of graphics and gameplay bugs. It was just ridiculous and so bad that publisher 2K Games decided not to launch last year's installment. Although most fans were quite disappointed, their trust in the developer was at the minimum level possible, and it was probably the best choice. Instead of WWE 2K21, we got to play a cartoonish version of the series in the form of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which was good enough for a couple of laughs but that has very little to do with the kind of spectacular gameplay that we were used to seeing in the series.

WrestleMania 37 took place last weekend, and it was the perfect opportunity to announce the return of the WWE 2K series. We could watch WWE 2K22 announcement video and it seems that this new installment will bring back the kind of gameplay that made the series so popular. It's quite noticeable that the video does not reveal who is responsible for the development of WWE 2K22, but rumor has it that Visual Concepts continues in charge of that. Let's hope that a couple of years have been enough to allow them to learn how to release a game that is actually playable because a second failure of the same level will probably be the end for the franchise, especially if we consider that they have had twice as long to develop it.



As you can see in the video, no release date has been confirmed for WWE 2K22 either, so we are bound to see more information about the game appearing in the upcoming months.

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