Ubisoft abandons Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft abandons Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Although the Ghost Recon franchise is a favorite of the fans, Ubisoft has finally decided to leave aside the development of Ghost Recon Breakpoint to look for greener pastures. The game was initially received with mixed feelings, but it managed to find a solid position after a few patches. Now, after launching all the content planned for the game, it seems that it has stopped being an interesting option, and Ubisoft won't be launching any more updates for its online tactical shooter. 

The announcement was made via Twitter, and it probably comes as a huge disappointment for the fans of the franchise. But if you love Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you can rest assured. The servers will remain active, so you won't have any problems if you want to continue playing the game.


Is there a new Ghost Recon game?

When this kind of announcement happens, it's usually accompanied by the reveal of a new game, but it didn't happen in this case. There is no other Ghost Recon game on the horizon, and it's quite surprising given that Ubisoft seemed to be decided to put some effort into the franchise and experiment with it and NFTs.

Several years in development, a couple of years of patching Ghost Recon Breakpoint to make it the game that it should have been at launch and not a clone of The Division 2, and now Ubisoft abandons it. It doesn't make much sense. Who knows if we will have a surprise announcement in the next few days? 

In any case, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is still a good game that offers an enjoyable experience for the fans of tactical shooters. If you are yet to discover the secrets hidden in the isle of Aurora, feel free to use our comparator to get your Ghost Recon Breakpoint Key cheap.

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