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Titanfall 2 Getting Its Sixth DLC Drop On June 27th

Titanfall 2 Getting Its Sixth DLC Drop On June 27th

Multiplayer first person shooters have to get a steady amount of updates to keep things fresh. New weapons, new maps, and those sort of things need to come every now and then so we get new toys to play with. Thankfully, the developers of Titanfall 2 decided to keep releasing free content for the game, which is great as it's keeping the player base alive, which Titanfall didn't manage to accomplish merely months after it was released. Well, apparently they learned from their mistakes, and the sixth DLC drop that we're getting on June 27th is called The War Games.

We will be getting a trailer for The War Games at launch, but for now, let's go over everything that we will be getting with this DLC. The new map that we're getting is called War Games, and it's a huge map that has civilian shops, tall buildings, and wide city streets. The map has everything you need, lots of wall running routes for Pilots to use, the outskirts of the map which are ideal for Titan combat, and overall it's designed in a way to give you lots of fighting options.



The Live Fire mode also got a map called Traffic, which is a test site in which two streets offer lots of covers but also lots of room for mobility. Just be careful, as there are a lot of places for snipers in the back fields, so use that cover well. Players can now also equip three weapons in Titanfall 2: a primary one, a secondary one, and an anti-titan weapon. The Titan Brawl is going to be added to the permanent list of game modes, a new game mode called Free Agents is coming, and more is on the way with The War Games DLC!

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