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Titanfall 2 Live Fire Mode Releasing On February 23rd

Titanfall 2 Live Fire Mode Releasing On February 23rd

Titanfall 2 came to impress FPS fans with an exciting mix of jetpacks and giant robots, and it even brought a single player mode that wasn't present in the first game, Titanfall. The player base for the game seem to be quite solid, and the developers are still working really hard to improve the game by releasing updates and patches. Now we know when the next update for the game, Live Fire, gets released and it's on February 23rd.

Live Fire is bringing two mode-specific maps that you can test out as soon as the update rolls out. Titanfall 2 is also getting Featured Playlists, a cool new execution, an extra Coliseum map, new mixtape-style matchmaking, and of course, balance changes. Games like Titanfall 2 need constant attention and content, since they are fairly fast-paced games so playing the same modes and maps gets boring sooner or later. That's why it's beneficial for these shooters to get a steady stream of fresh content every now and then. Live Fire is the game's new mode, and it focuses on intense and hectic six-on-six Pilot battles. It's definitely a competitive mode, made to make the skirmishes as action-packed and fast as they possibly can be.



But, that's not where the good news end, as those who enjoy Titanfall 2 will be able to enjoy the game with a double XP weekend. This will also come in handy in Live Fire, but the event only lasts for four days,ending on February 27th. Keep in mind that this XP will only be given to you if you play in Live Fire mode.

This piece of news is definitely great, especially considering that we're getting a double XP weekend, which will make every Titanfall 2 player happy.

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