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The Strand will significantly change Destiny 2

The Strand will significantly change Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Lightfall will bring many things into the game other than a new story arc that will take you to Neptune to disrupt the advance of The Witness on its journey across the solar system. New exotics are just the tip of the iceberg in a pack of novelties that will change the game for good. Among those, the most significant one is the discovery of a new element that will allow the Guardians to choose three new subclasses: the Strand. This thread-like green energy can be used in many ways, and it will have an impact on the role that each class traditionally has in the game. 



Through the usage of the Strand, Threadrunners become the most mobile class in the game, allowing for fast repositioning with their grappling hook. This functionality is great for a class that is not very resilient and will provide a great way of escaping safely after delivering a lethal blow in close quarters. 

When it comes to brute force, nobody matches the Tyrants, who will shape the Strand into massive claws that they can use to puncture heavily armored enemies. their natural bulkiness and resistance allow them to withstand enough damage while they shred through any defenses.

Meanwhile, Architects can use the Strand to manipulate the battlefield and even shape it into creatures bent to their will. They will be a great addition to any team of guardians and offer great support from the backline.

If you are a seasoned Destiny 2 player, you better get used to seeing threads made of green energy as soon as Destiny 2: Lightfall launches. The new subclasses will become quite popular very soon and reclaim their own space in the meta. Remember that the best price to buy your Destiny 2: Lightfall PC key is available at our comparator.

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