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The Lamplighters League features stylish tactical gameplay

The Lamplighters League features stylish tactical gameplay

Harebrained Schemes has released a gameplay preview of their stealth tactical game The Lamplighters League and it’s turning heads with its stylish 1930s sheen and fusion of RTS and turn-based combat. Fully titled The Lamplighters League and the Tower At the End of the World, this game looks to be the next strategy hit from the developers of Battletech and the Shadowrun series. Check out the gameplay first look here:



Two-fold combat 

At first glance, The Lamplighter’s League’s combat resembles XCOM with its infiltration phase followed by actual combat. The first phase is done in real-time, but unlike XCOM, it’s more than just looking for suitable positions to attack the enemy. You can use this time to shape the battlefield in your favor: you can scout the area, stealth past patrols, find and gather resources like grenades and health packs, lay down traps, and assassinate lone guards to bring down their numbers.

The decisions you make in the first phase affect what happens in the second, where your choice of characters to bring to the mission comes into play. There are a total of ten characters grouped into three classes: Bruisers, Sneaks, and Saboteurs.

Despite this, each character possesses skills that make them unique. A Saboteur like Eddie can bring down enemies in a cone of gunfire. A Sneak like Lateef can turn invisible and leave behind a decoy to distract foes. A Bruiser like Ingrid can knock down enemies surrounding her. Their signature skills mean you need to think about which characters to bring to each mission.

What’s more, the characters themselves come alive, bantering with each other before, during, and after missions. As mentioned in the video, they’re not your typical heroes, just a band of mismatched ruffians thrown together to prevent a mystical apocalypse. This and its pulp 1930s-era approach make The Lamplighters League the most unique tactics game to come along in a while.

The Lamplighters League will launch for PC  and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023. You can pre-order a The Lamplighters League PC key at the best prices from our comparator.

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