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Survival co-op Raft makes a splash as it leaves early access

Survival co-op Raft makes a splash as it leaves early access

Since it launched four years ago, Raft has gathered loads of players drawn to its survival and exploration gameplay. Its exploding popularity has led its developers to formally put up their own studio, Redbeet Interactive.



Today, they proudly announce that Raft has finally made it to version 1.0. Dubbed “The Final Chapter,” the launch version offers an overhauled story that includes three new enormous environments to explore, including a partially submerged skyscraper, an arctic research base, and a third secret location. 

Raft is an oceanic survival game in the same vein as Subnautica, but can be played co-op like Don’t Starve Together. You and your friends must survive on a floating platform set adrift across the open sea. With only water surrounding you, you need to get creative about your survival. Thankfully, you have an old plastic hook as a starter tool, which you can use to fish and catch floating debris. 

Soon you can gather all sorts of junk you can use to expand your raft’s foundation, craft items, and put up all sorts of buildings like homes, towers, and even zip cords. When you can guide your raft across the ocean, you can also discover and explore islands and sea structures to find more characters to interact with.

Version 1.0 includes a host of improvements, new items, outfits, craftable gear, characters, and enemies. You can now get items from trading posts located on various islands. You also need to watch out for new predators: apart from sharks, you now have to worry about anglerfish, giant beetles, hyenas, and polar bears. You can view the full list of updates on the official website.

Raft 1.0 is out today for the PC. You can pick up a Raft PC code from our comparator for the best prices.

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