Steam Next Fest – June 2024 Edition is live now

Steam Next Fest – June 2024 Edition is live now

Another chance to check out lots of games and fill up your wishlists, and Steam Next Fest – June 2024 Edition is live now. You know how this goes — for a limited time there will be tons of free demos from developers all over the world on Steam to test before they launch, plus developer chats and livestreams.

It's a fun event, but it can be quite overwhelming with major FOMO but thankfully you have a good while as the event lasts until June 17 at 5PM UTC. Many games often leave their demos up for a few days or weeks after but that's never certain.


Some of the quick-pick games that I think you should check out include:

Enotria: The Last Song

Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike set in a beautiful sun-lit world inspired by Italian folklore where the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow. Wear unique role-altering masks, face formidable foes and alter reality with the power of Ardore to unravel the secrets of Enotria.

Fera: The Sundered Tribes

Fera: The Sundered Tribes is an enthralling mixture of monster hunting survival action RPG with village building and tribe management in a unique post-apocalyptic fantastical world of untamed magic and ancient secrets.


An easygoing sandbox game about building towns for cute vegetable folks. Create your perfect community then watch as the gourdlets make themselves at home. No objectives, no points, just good vibes. Play in full screen, or let your gourdlets hang out at the bottom of your screen!

Dungeon Clawler

Dungeon Clawler is a Roguelike Claw Machine Deckbuilder. Build your unique deck, fight enemies by grabbing weapons and items from a claw machine and find special artifacts that help you on your quest to reclaim something you lost... Aim carefully to claw your way through this dungeon!

Endzone 2

Endzone 2 is a post-apocalyptic survival colony builder, where you embark to secure humanity's survival after a cataclysmic disaster. Discover and repopulate the last habitable grounds, while the survival of your people hinges on your wits, foresight, and resilience in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter

Embark upon a vast, snow-ravaged kingdom in Tails of Iron 2, sequel to the critically acclaimed action-RPG. As Arlo, heir to the Warden of the Wastes, adventure through harsh northern lands, home to giant beasts and ragtag bandits, in an epic quest to overcome an ancient, blood-starved evil.

Just to name a few. I think this Next Fest has probably one of the best variety of games on show so far. I've been constantly surprised by what I've seen.  A little something for everyone it seems.

Watch the full Next Fest even here. Be sure to try those games quick as the event only lasts for a week. And as usual, you can always count on our price comparison tool to get the best value out of your next favorite game.

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  • Release date : Q3 2024
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