Star Wars Battlefront II Shows The Story Of An Imperial Soldier

Star Wars Battlefront II Shows The Story Of An Imperial Soldier

Star Wars Battlefront II is building up its hype slowly, but surely, and now we get a brand new video that will show us how we will experience the story through the eyes of Commander Iden Versio. Have you watched the video yet? What are your thoughts on getting to see the story from the Imperial point of view? In any case, watch the video down below and see how they plan to show us the events through the eyes of Iden Versio.



Players are more than excited to see how everything unfolds from the perspective of the Imperials, and our protagonist is Iden Versio, someone who comes from an Imperial family, and as expected, she is a firm believer in the Empire. But, she isn't just some brainwashed soldier that you might expect her to be. Iden has her reasons for believing in the Empire, and the video promises to show us some brilliant story moments that we can't wait to see in the game's singleplayer segment. Do you think Iden will stay loyal to the Empire, or will she end up joining the rebels as the story progresses? We still don't know what to expect from the single player portion of Star Wars Battlefront II, but it looks like it's to be quite a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Excellent character development and spectacular storytelling are what we are expecting in Star Wars Battlefront II, so if DICE does everything correctly, we will be getting a superb Star Wars shooter, and this time we will be looking at things from the eyes of an Imperial soldier.  

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