Square Enix shares Star Ocean The Second Story R launch trailer

Square Enix shares Star Ocean The Second Story R launch trailer

The developer Square Enix shared the launch trailer for Star Ocean The Second Story R a week before the official game launch. It's 3 minutes of intense action, showing the entire visual evolution of the game, the new combat mechanics, and the new English dubbing.

Mind you, however, that this trailer is full of spoilers regarding the plot, especially in its final part. So we suggest caution if you want to get involved in it. You can check out the preview below:



The video introduces the general narrative of Star Ocean The Second Story R and then highlights each of the playable characters in battle, flashing their special arts or spells. The visual update is palpable even in the preview. Despite being similar, it differs from the Square Enix HD-2D engine, seen in games such as Octopath Traveler II and Live A Live. The Star Ocean The Second Story R keeps the characters in pixel art but turns the entire scenery into 3D, creating a striking visual contrast.

But the remake is not only sustained by visual upgrades. This new re-entry introduces new mechanics to the game, both in battle and outside, and a quality of life for more updated RPG molds.

  • No random encounters: enemies now appear on the map, and players can decide to face them or avoid them.
  • Markers for private actions and events: The overall map shows markers whenever a private action or event is available, ensuring players do not miss anything.
  • Fast travel: each save the player finds unlocks fast travel, allowing a seamless transition between all available areas.
  • Break and Assault Actions: Enemies now have a shield mechanic in battle, and breaking it puts them in a staggered situation. There are also Assault Actions that allow the use of arts from party members not active in battle.
  • Fishing: The most famous JRPG minigame is present in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

Those are just some additions that make an already great game even more extraordinary. Star Ocean The Second Story R was the only one in the franchise not yet available in digital stores. The sixth game, Star Ocean The Divine Force, was released last year and was considered one of the best installments in the saga that mixes sci-fi and fantasy.

Star Ocean The Second Story R arrives on November 2, 2023. If you want to revisit or experience this adventure for the first time, watch our comparator for the cheapest deal on Star Ocean The Second Story R and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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