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Squirrel with a Gun is as crazy as it sounds

Squirrel with a Gun is as crazy as it sounds

When we first heard of Goat Simulator, it was hard to believe that such an unusual and crazy game was going to become so successful, but we learned the lesson. There are quite a few games that follow the same premise as the title from Coffee Stain Studios and offer us a scenario where we can leave our imagination to fly by destroying the environment however we please. Squirrel with a Gun adds a touch of classic platformer gameplay into the mix and, of course, guns to deliver a unique experience that is as simple as it gets. In the game, you play as a squirrel that uses a gun to wreak havoc in a neighborhood.

Squirrel with a Gun is a sandbox game with a deep focus on exploration and shooting combat. The protagonist is a little squirrel that has a whole neighborhood as its playground to do whatever you please. Of course, there will be agents that will try to stop you in your tracks in the worst possible ways, but you can use guns to fight them. Not only can you shoot them down, but you can also use the recoil from your shots to make acrobatic maneuvers and strike them with unexpected melee hits. You can become a little gun-wielding ninja capable of leaving a trail of destruction while wandering through the city and stealing goods.

As crazy as it sounds, Squirrel with a Gun definitely has an appeal and a strong humoristic side. After all, isn't it funny to watch a small squirrel fighting against big guys? You can take a look at the gameplay in the first official video of Squirrel with a Gun, which has been recently revealed via Twitter.



If you want to join this little squirrel and spread destruction to your heart's content, Squirrel with a Gun will launch on Steam in the future, and it will be available on our comparator at the best price. Of course, if you are interested in similar games, Goat Simulator is an excellent option, and Stray is another game where you impersonate an animal, although it's a completely different type of adventure.

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