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Spider-Man 2 swings into town with new gameplay video

Spider-Man 2 swings into town with new gameplay video

After a long wait, we finally get a look at the gameplay for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and like Alan Wake 2, it’s a contender for the best-looking game of the year. Not only do we get to see our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler in action, but we also get introductions to new characters, specifically Kraven the Hunter. Check out the gameplay trailer here:



With great power

Based on the video, there’s lots to look forward to. Firstly, we are introduced to Kraven, a long-time game hunter and Spider-Man villain who’s come to New York to hunt down the web-slinger. But he’s not after Spider-Man alone—Kraven is aiming to take down every metahuman in the Big Apple, hero and villain alike. That includes Black Cat, Miles Morales, Wraith, Tombstone, and even The Lizard. 

Despite that threat, Spidey has a lot more on his plate than ever. The ending of the first game teased that Harry Osborn was infected with the Venom symbiote, and somehow this transfers over to Peter Parker. Spidey’s symbiote suit gifts him with enormous flexibility in battle—apart from still being able to swing and wall-crawl, he can sprout tentacles that he can use to grab and fling bad guys around or create a shield to defend himself.

However, the symbiote is known to affect its host mentally, driving them to be more ruthless and violent. With Miles onboard, we may end up with a showdown between the two Spider-men. Meanwhile, we’re still not sure who will end up being Venom—will it be the original host Eddie Brock, Harry Osborn, or someone else?

No Co-op in sight

Unfortunately, one feature plans were hoping for won’t be coming to Spider-Man 2—there will be no co-op gameplay between Peter and Miles. The game will be entirely one-player and will instead direct you to play as Peter or Miles as the story progresses.

Sony still hasn’t announced a release date for Spider-Man 2, though Venom voice actor Tony Todd did leak that they are looking at a September release. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s true. In the meantime, keep an eye out for affordable prices for Marvel’s Spider-man 2 PS5 keys.

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