Spelunky 2 is too difficult for some players

Spelunky 2 is too difficult for some players

Although it's something that may seem like granted for any player that has some experience with its predecessor, Spelunky 2 is quite a difficult game and that is bothering many players. According to a recent post on Steam, this has been one of the main concerns of a good number of players that have delved into the underground world of the platformer created by Mossmouth. Spelunky 2 designer Derek Yu has talked about a possible course of action in which they may make some tweaks to some of the initial levels of the game in order to make them easier for the players.

“We know Dwelling is causing players frustration and I think there’s some fair criticism there, so we’re testing some changes to the spawn rates of enemies and traps, particularly in 1-1 and 1-2. Some tweaks to 1-4 should make it more interesting, as well! Look for those changes to arrive in a patch sometime soon.”

“In general, we have to be somewhat careful about how we go about changing the game based on player feedback. Ultimately, Spelunky is a game that is designed to have some sharp edges in it, and there’s always the risk of removing fun along with the frustration.”

In the same post, Yu also explained that they are still working on the Spelunky 2 online cooperative multiplayer mode, which they didn't manage to include in the launch version of the game, but that should be available at some point. Other online multiplayer features, like Arena deathmatch, are also on the list of things to do for Spelunky 2 but these will take longer to be implemented.



Even missing a few features that were supposed to be in the game, Spelunky 2 had a very good release and it has proven to be a worthy successor of one of the most popular platform games of all times. If you are one of those having trouble with the game there is still hope for you when the developers lower the difficulty of the beginning levels. We are sure that you will find Spelunky 2 challenging enough no matter what.


  • Official website : Spelunky 2
  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : MossMouth
  • Developer : MossMouth
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : September 29, 2020
  •     PC : September 15, 2020
  •     PS4 : September 15, 2020
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