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Spelunky 2 gets a new release window on PC

Spelunky 2 gets a new release window on PC

Spelunky 2 aims to follow the steps of its predecessor, at least in popularity. The game developed by Mossmouth and BitWorks will bring back the frenetic action from Spelunky in a new format that will include a lot of novelties. Not only the graphics will be better but we will also see the addition of mounts, a permanent base camp that you can build or improved liquid physics among other things. Spelunky 2 will also offer the players a bigger world to explore and a new dimension behind the normal gameplay that serves as a hiding place for secret passages and treasures. It's no surprise then, that players all over the world are eagerly waiting to play the game. 



We already knew that the release of Spelunky 2 was scheduled for September 15th on PlayStation 4, but there are many players waiting to play the game on PC. A recent post on the official Twitter account of the creator of Spelunky, Derek Yu, on the occasion of the launch of the Spelunky 2 page on Steam, has served as an opportunity to give us a new window for the release of Spelunky 2 on PC. It looks like the developers are working hard to get it ready as soon as possible, and it will be available just a few weeks after its PS4 launch. 



Considering the number of delays that we have seen happening this year, it's not like we can really be sure of it. At least, it gives hope to all those players that want to see what Spelunky 2 has to offer. If you are a seasoned fan of Spelunky you might want to use the following weeks to practice. Spelunky 2 will definitely be quite fun but also quite challenging. As the release date approaches, you will be able to find Spelunky 2 at the best price in our comparator.

  • Official website : Spelunky 2
  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : MossMouth
  • Developer : MossMouth
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : September 29, 2020
  •     PC : September 15, 2020
  •     PS4 : September 15, 2020
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