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Shadow Warrior 3 shows its gameplay ahead of release

Shadow Warrior 3 shows its gameplay ahead of release

Next week, the infamous Lo Wang will make a spectacular return in the third installment of the popular first-person shooter series. The release of Shadow Warrior 3 is scheduled for March 1, and developer Flying Wild Hog is offering us a detailed view of one of the missions in the game: the Dragon's Nest. Lo Wang will explore it, looking for a dragon egg that he can use as a weapon to hunt down a dangerous dragon.

The Dragon's Nest


Shadow Warrior 3 will bring back the exhilarating action from previous installments, which emphasizes a swift and fluid transition between melee and ranged combat. Using your katana to cut down your enemies is not a last-minute resource when you run out of ammo or enemies get too close. Instead, it's an essential part of your combat routine, and cutting down an enemy is as satisfying as blowing their head up from a distance with a precise shot. In fact, it allows you for additional gameplay features, like when you open up a monster's belly to grab a weapon from its innards. That's an experience that only a game as crazy as Shadow Warrior 3 can offer to you.

Along with the release of the video, Flying Wild Hog Lead Producer Bartek Sawicki has also confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 will be available as a free game for PlayStation Now subscribers at launch. Sony seems to be following Microsoft's policy of using certain games to boost the popularity of its subscription services. We are sure that Shadow Warrior 3 will be enough of a reason to subscribe for many players, but if you are a fan of the series, you probably prefer to purchase your own copy of the game. In that case, you just need to visit our comparator to buy your Shadow Warrior 3 code at the best price.

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