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Shadow Warrior 3 is finally coming in March

Shadow Warrior 3 is finally coming in March

When 3D Realms launched the original Shadow Warrior in 1997, the game didn't need much time to become a referent for those players looking for an exciting first-person shooting experience full of action. The protagonist, Lo Wang, rapidly became a well-known face for the fans of the genre, and the mix of close combat and shooting action featured in the game gained a lot of adepts. The remake created by Flying Wild Hog in 2013 brought Shadow Warrior back to life in 2013, and it was followed by a sequel, Shadow Warrior 2, that was released in 2016 and continued the adventures of the already legendary Lo Wang. 

When Shadow Warrior 3 was announced, all the series fans became excited about the new installment, but the game didn't release in October 2021 as expected, and it was a huge disappointment. Thankfully, it seems that Flying Wild Hog has managed to finish the game, and we will be able to play as Lo Wang once more from March 1.



As a mercenary, the former corporate enforcer will join Orochi Zilla in a quest to hunt down and destroy a powerful ancient dragon that the corporation has accidentally awakened, releasing into the world a deadly horde of demons. However, the plot is not the main point of interest in Shadow Warrior 3. Instead, the gory and spectacular gameplay that has made the series so popular will be back in this new installment. With a thousand options to cut, shoot, and obliterate your enemies in the bloodiest ways while you move through the scenario at top speed, Shadow Warrior 3 promises to deliver a lot of fun.

Whether you are a fan of the series or not, Shadow Warrior 3 is an excellent option for those that want to get their hands dirty in combat while slaughtering hordes of enemies. Frantic gameplay, a wide arsenal of weapons, challenging enemies and bosses, and a deadly katana to wield; what else could you want from a game? 

The release is scheduled for March 1 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Feel free to visit our comparator for the best game deals and your Shadow Warrior 3 code cheap.

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