Serious Sam 4 is getting a standalone expansion

Serious Sam 4 is getting a standalone expansion

Sam "Serious" Stone has been quite busy annihilating aliens and trying to put an end to a full-scale invasion of our world for quite a long time. It's about time he gets a break and enjoys some vacations. He is probably tired of warm climates and could benefit from a change of scenario. How about a trip to the frozen Syberia to play with the snow and hunt down the traitorous General Brand? After all, there is nothing that Sam enjoys more than obliterating Mental's forces with crazily overpowered weapons, and that's what the upcoming Serious Sam 4 expansion is all about.

Serious Sam: Syberiam Mayhem is the first standalone expansion for Serious Sam 4. It will offer the fans a new adventure in a different scenario, allowing them to explore the far reaches of the Russian wilderness. The expansion will feature five different missions that will take Serious Sam across Arctic coastlines, desolate forests, abandoned villages, and a chilling ghost town. Of course, these new territories will be populated by new types of enemies wanting to shred you to pieces, so you better be ready to shoot them down as fast as possible. As it happens in previous installments in the series, Serious Sam: Syberiam Mayhem will allow you to display impressive firepower with all kinds of guns; the deadlier, the better.



When is Serious Sam: Syberian Mayhem coming?

With a vast territory to explore, plenty of new deadly guns to blast your enemies with, and the same chaotic bullet-hell action that has made the series so popular, Serious Sam: Syberian Mayhem will release on January 25, 2022. Since it's a standalone expansion, you don't need to own Serious Sam 4 to play it. Still, you can visit our comparator to find the best price to buy your Serious Sam 4 PC key if you want to enjoy the full experience and accompany Sam on his latest adventure.

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