Serious Sam series returns this summer

Serious Sam series returns this summer

Devolver Digital has announced that the fans of the Serious Sam series will be able to continue following the adventures of their favorite hero in just a few months. The guys from Crotean Studios will add a new title to the long list of games and spin-offs starred by Sam "Serious" Stone and we will see him fighting against hordes of aliens in Serious Sam 4 very soon. It's been ten years since the last installment in the series was released and we bet that the fans will be quite happy with the announcement.



Serious Sam 4 will continue the story of our protagonist and it doesn't seem to offer dramatic changes to the narrative. It's not like it's really needed since it will give players what they really want form the game: frenetic action and the possibility of rampaging through hordes of enemies. Serious Sam 4 is literally more of the same but better, and that is exactly what the fans are waiting for it to be. More crazy weapons, enemies exploding everywhere, and non-stop shooting madness as you fight against endless hordes of enemies. It's even better, the game puts an emphasis on the number of enemies that you will fight with its new legion system, which literally allows thousands of enemies to appear on your screen without a problem. Serious Sam 4 graphics engineer Dean Sekulić confirms it:

"We have some levels that we'll actually be able to populate with this many enemies. We were really pleasantly surprised with how fast it can run, because originally we were hoping for like 10,000 enemies, and now we've hit an order of magnitude more."



The amount of enemies that you will have to face in Serious Sam 4 is so big that it's almost ridiculous, and that's something that the fans will love. Some of them will be old acquaintances but there will also be quite a few new ones. Luckily enough, you will have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal to dispose of them in the most brutal ways. The game also features cooperative gameplay for up to four players so you will be able to share the fun with your friends.

The release of Serious Sam 4 is scheduled for August 2020. Meanwhile, you can give a try to the previous games in the Serious Sam series. You can find them at the best price via our comparator.

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