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Check out Scorn's latest video and its release date

Check out Scorn's latest video and its release date

Although there are many sci-fi survival games,Scorn has made it different from others with its unique looks. Playing as a skin-less creature that explores a world that looks like take out from H.R. Giger's worst nightmares is bound to be quite an appealing experience to the fans of Alien, but Scorn is much more. We already had the opportunity of discovering its gameplay through a series of videos in the past, and the release has been postponed a couple of times. Yesterday, during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, developer Ebb Software finally revealed that Scorn is ready for launch with a new video and also provided an official release date.

Scorn is as gross as it gets

The new video offers a better overview of the world of Scorn and the type of experience that it offers. Rather than being a fast-paced first-person shooter full of action, Scorn emphasizes the environment as the game's main focus. You get mesmerized trying to figure out what's the origin and the functionality of every element in a world that seems completely made of flesh. Everything is biomechanical, from the scenario to your weapons and even the ammunition. Scorn feels like the twisted version of an alien creature that is connected to something else for an unknown reason.



Scorn leaves aside the questions about your origins to drop you in an alien landscape that you will have to explore to survive. Only the journey matters in this adventure. You will have to play the game to figure out the answers to why, who, where, and how.


"You awaken in the middle of a desolate and decayed hellscape; a once industrious civilization now lay in ruin. Surrounded by nightmarish, biomechanical contraptions, you must explore your environment to progress."


Scorn will release on October 21, 2022, on PC and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to immerse yourself in its strange world made of flesh, remember to use our comparator to check out the best video game deals and buy Scorn cheap anytime.

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