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Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 trailer

Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 trailer

Bandai Namco just announced the Bond Enhancement Pack 2 DLC for Scarlet Nexus. This anime-like action RPG features Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, members of the Other Suppression Force (OSF), assigned to protect New Himuka from creatures known as the Others. Pretty straightforward organization name. 

This DLC adds 10 more bond episodes, which are special quests between your Companions that deepen your relationship and provide several buffs for the SAS. Talking about it, the DLC also grants the new Nexus Drive SAS ability to fuse your powers with party members in flashy and devastating attacks. Last but not least, the DLC adds the "Youth Attire" weapon and clothing for the characters, designed by illustrator Daisuke Richards.

 Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 trailer


As with the Pack 1 DLC, brought soon after the free 1.04 update, the second DLC comes alongside the 1.05 update. This patch adds a Battle Simulator, where you will be able to rematch older bosses from the main story and challenge missions while collecting hi-scores to show who is the best soldier in the Other Suppression Force. Difficulties vary from Beginner, Novice, and Master. The free update also adds new equipment, giving the game more longevity to its endgame.

This is the second DLC of three planned for Scarlet Nexus. The third one promises to add even more costumes and bond episodes. For those interested, you can grab the Ultimate Edition of the game, which adds several bonuses to it, and the Season Pass, containing the two released DLCs and the third one in the future. Check out our CD Keys for Scarlet Nexus, and don't miss out on these newly-released updates.

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