Salt and Sacrifice launches today

Salt and Sacrifice launches today

Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to the hit 2D Souls-like platformer, Salt and Sanctuary, releases today, May 10th. The first game was released in 2016 and garnered a lot of praise for its grimdark world and its unique gameplay that gave its own spin to the Souls-like mechanic. Six years later, we finally have a worthy sequel. 



Salt and Sacrifice seems to have carried over the grimdark tone of the original, though the story takes place in a different era and realm. Having been condemned for your crimes, your character has been punished by becoming a Marked Inquisitor and given the task of hunting down the most dangerous evil wizards of Alderstone.

You begin your quest in a hub called the Pardoner’s Vale, where other Inquisitors like you gather. From there, you hunt mages in dark castles, catacombs, and other spooky places filled with deadly enemies. The difficulty level remains much the same as the original, given that only a few hits from these monsters will end you—especially if you’re facing a boss.

Salt and Sacrifice lets you create a character from one of eight classes: Assassin, Cleric, Fighter, Duelist, Highblade, Paladin, Ranger, and Sage. Your choice of class determines your equipment and starting skills. Fighters, for example, have heavy armor, while Clerics come equipped with the mace and the ability to heal. That said, like most Dark Souls types of games, this is only the starting point—you can adjust your build later as you rise in levels.

Salt and Sacrifice improves on the first game by adding new equipment. Included are a grappling hook, the wall jump skill, crafting items, and the ability to summon NPCs and even other players through the co-op feature.

Salt and Sacrifice is out now for PC, PS4, and PS5. Grab a Salt and Sacrifice PC key or a Salt and Sanctuary code for the best price.

  • Official website : Salt and Sacrifice
  • Categories : Action , Adventure , Role-Playing
  • Editor : Ska Studios
  • Developer : Ska Studios
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : May 10, 2022
  •     PC : May 10, 2022
  •     PS5 : May 10, 2022
  •     PS4 : May 10, 2022
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