Release Date for Warframe: The New War Confirmed

Release Date for Warframe: The New War Confirmed

Warframe’s latest and “biggest ever” cinematic expansion had been announced back in July, but didn’t have a release date--that is, until now. Warframe: The New War is coming out in December 2021. You can check out the announcement trailer now, care of Gamespot Trailers:



Developers have explained that this is just a teaser; the full trailer will arrive on November 30, along with some giveaways and surprises. 

Regardless, the New War expansion is set to be packed with content. This quest will bring a new Warframe (the 48th in the game’s history) as well as new playable characters, enemies, locations, items, weapons, and yes, plot points to Warframe’s long-running story. 

There’s more to come though, and it’s nearer than you think. On November 16, Warframe will launch its Prime Resurgence Event. The Sentient threat has reached its peak and war is about to begin, so a new vendor, Varzia Dax, is providing access to Prime Warframes along with weapons and gear to prepare for the inevitable onslaught.

During this un-vaulting event, players can earn Prime Warframes, which are the highest-ranked in-game armor, along with some classic gear that were no longer available as rewards. 

All of the Warframes will be available on a weekly rotation starting from November 16 and until January. According to the weekly schedule, we have the following Warframes:

  • November 16: Mag Prime, Nova Prime
  • November 23: Limbo Prime and Trinity Prime
  • November 30: Mesa Prime and Hydroid Prime
  • December 7: Volt Prime and Loki Prime
  • December 14: Vauban Prime and Ash Prime
  • December 21: Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime
  • December 28: Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime
  • January 4: Ember Prime and Frost Prime
  • January 11: Weeks 1-4 Warframes with Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime
  • January 18: Weeks 5-8 Warframes with Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime



If you still don’t have the game, check out cheap prices available for Warframe before the new content drops.

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