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Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content revealed

Now that we know that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction is coming next January, Ubisoft can focus on revealing more things about the game. The French developer seems to be following the current trend of announcing post-launch content for an upcoming title ahead of the game release. Many players think that it's not a good policy to focus on post-launch content even before a game is available because those additions may have been taken out of the main game for that purpose. The development of post-launch content requires time, though, and planning ahead is needed if you want to release additions for your game timely. Whatever the case, Ubisoft has detailed the additions coming to Rainbow Six Extraction in a press release accompanied by a video.

Rainbow Six Extraction will get a weekly challenge mode called Maelstrom Protocol, which will pit players against enemies through 9 different subzones. Each zone will have more difficult enemies than the previous one, the resources will deplete faster, and the time to complete it will be reduced each round. Players will have access to different cosmetic rewards according to their performance level. Assignments are another type of weekly mode that will put players' skills to the test with game-changing modifiers, like limited ammo, no-HUD, friendly fire enabled, and others. Both Maelstrom Protocol and Assignments will be available to Rainbow Six Extraction players at the game launch.



Crisis Events will be added at a later date. These are limited-time events that will feature new Operators or new enemies. The first one will be Spillover, and it will reward players with new equipment and cosmetics if they manage to destroy an infestation of an evolved version of the Sprawl. 

All that content will be added for free to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. The game's release is scheduled for January 20, 2022, but you can compare game prices and buy Rainbow Six Extraction cheap with our comparator already. Remember that each copy comes with a couple of Buddy Pass tokens that you can use to give a friend full access to the game for two weeks.

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