Pokémon Legends Z-A announced during Pokémon Presents

Pokémon Legends Z-A announced during Pokémon Presents

The Pokémon Presents livestream dropped some exciting news about one of the world's most famous franchises. Amid updates for Pokémon Go, the reveal of a new app called Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, and in-game events for the mainline games, Game Freak brightened the spotlight with the announcement of Pokémon Legends Z-A, the second entry in the Legends saga. This spinoff shakes up the traditional gameplay of the franchise, introducing action elements and a freedom of exploration – mechanics adopted in the mainline titles Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

While many leaks and fans were anticipating a remake of Pokémon Black and White, games set in the Unova region, it seems they were taken by surprise by this generational leap. Pokémon Legends Z-A unfolds in Lumiose City, a city inspired by Paris, the capital of France, serving as a central hub in the Kalos region, the backdrop forPokémon Xand Y.



In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, players explored the Sinnoh region, known as Hisui, in the past. Everything was more analogous during that time, including the Pokédex and the storage system. Instead of storing Pokémon on a computer, they are kept on a farm, requiring visits to switch parties or show love to the precious pets. The Pokédex is more manual and handmade, resembling a notebook in a time devoid of technology. Captured Pokémons have recorded weight and size, and black and white photos alongside a short description accompany those who have only been witnessed.

This new entry in the saga appears to have a more contemporary approach but will probably showcase similar features, such as player dodging. While there isn't much information about the gameplay of Pokémon Legends Z-A, Game Freak has hinted at the return of Mega Evolutions, a mechanic introduced in Pokémon X and Y. The official website also provides no additional details beyond the presentation. We believe the mechanics won't be as archaic as in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and things will unroll as they are traditionally known in the mainline games.

Pokémon Legends Z-A is set to release in 2025 on the Switch. With strong indications that the Switch 2 will launch in the same year, there's a significant possibility that it will be one – if not the first – cross-gen game for Nintendo's next-generation consoles. If you're eager to experience the second iteration of a Pokémon action RPG with a semi-open world, keep your eyes peeled in our comparator for the cheapest deals on Pokémon Legends: Z-A while awaiting for its public debut.

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