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Overwatch’s new hero, Baptiste, is reporting for duty on March 19

Overwatch’s new hero, Baptiste, is reporting for duty on March 19

There’s no need to be afraid, Baptiste is here! Overwatch’s new hero Baptiste is coming to the game on Tuesday. Blizzard announced today that the game’s 30th shooter will be launched on the game’s live servers on March 19. Baptiste has been available on the game’s PTR on PC but this is the first time that he will be available in all platforms.

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Baptiste reports for duty 03.19.19

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) 13 de marzo de 2019


Overwatch’s new hero Baptiste – Weapons and Skills

Despite his dark and grim past, Baptiste decided to denounce his villainous group Talon for the better. Baptiste is now a combat medic and serves as a support class in Blizzard’s shooter. His weapon of choice is the Biotic Launcher. It’s a burst–fire rifle that can fire three rounds at a time and deals 25 damage per shot. The Biotic Launcher can hold 45 ammo. Being a medic, his secondary fire can heal comrades. It heals about 65 health per shot and contains 10 ammo. This ammo is on a separate counter from the primary biotic launcher but both ammo counter refreshes with a single reload. Among other skills, he is able to make extremely high jumps all thanks to his Exo Boots. Added to that, he also can use an immortality field that prevents allies from dying once inside it. It has an average radius of eight meters and raises the health bars of players to 40 when they enter the field. Considered to be his ultimate skill, his Amplification Matrix is a deployable forcefield that doubles the damage and healing effects of any friendly projectile that passes through it. It’s almost the same size as Mei’s Ice Wall and it lasts for eight seconds.



Overwatch’s new hero Baptiste - Skins

Based on the sneak peek, Baptiste is sporting multitude of skins. He has a pirate themed outfit, a robotic themed outfit, and a camouflage army-type outfit among others. Check out Baptiste in Overwatch next week. Visit our comparator if you don't have the game in your PC or consoles yet.

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  • Categories : Action , First-Person Shooter
  • Editor : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : May 24, 2016
  •     Switch : October 15, 2019
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