Obsidian’s upcoming RPG arrives next month

Obsidian’s upcoming RPG  arrives next month

Obsidian Entertainment has proved that isometric RPGs are not dead or something from the past. They managed to crowfund the award-winning Pillars of Eternity through Kickstarter and release an excellent RPG that all the fans of classics like Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights would love. Their new project Tyranny is going to put us on an unusual position when it comes to fantasy roleplaying. We are not going to be the heroes trying to save the world anymore. The bad guys already won and control the world. We are on his side and we love it. In words of the game's lead producer, Matthew Singh, "Not only were you on their side, but you were actually one of their leaders. You don't start out as your average farmboy that's picked up a rusty dagger for the first time, murdering rats in a sewer. You start this game with a position of authority."



Tyranny - "Fatebinder" - Release Date Reveal Trailer In Tyranny we will play as a high-ranking official working for Kyros the Overlord and we will be in charge of helping him to consolidate his power and dominion over the land by whatever means we deem necessary. That doesn't mean that we must become ruthless bastards with a tendency to kill everyone we want to on a whim, even though it's probably going to be possible to do that. The game world will react to your choices and adapt its narrative to your actions no matter what those are, so sometimes dialoguing and thinking about the possible repercussions of our actions may be the most suitable things for our plans. This time you are definitely not going to be punished for whatever you decide, but the world is a place where morality is far more complex than deciding between black and white. If you want to experience this different approach to a fantasy world, Tyranny is scheduled for release November 10th on PC, Mac, and Linux. It offers to quench the thirst for power of all those that are eager to join the dark side and, like in Dungeon Keeper 2, it will demonstrate that sometimes It's Good to be Bad!

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