Nightingale launches its offline mode

Nightingale launches its offline mode

Nightingale was released back in February and it caught the eye of many players with its unique combination of survival and base-building mechanics. The game developed by Inflexion Games lets you explore the Fae Realms as a Realmwalker who uses transdimensional portals. With a sprawling Gaslamp Fantasy world full of threats to face, the game delivers an exciting experience that you can share with others in cooperative multiplayer. In fact, the feature most requested by the players since Nightingale was released was an offline mode, and Inflexion has finally managed to add it to the game in its latest update.

Enjoy playing solo

Until now, Nightingale players willing to immerse into the game solo had to try their luck and find an appropriate server. This is not the case anymore as the offline mode allows you to experience the joys and woes of exploring the Fae Realms completely alone. Alongside this new gameplay mode, the developer studio has also introduced another feature that was requested by many players. You can now choose to build anything by using items directly from your storage. Say goodbye to inventory shortages and endless trips to get items from your chests!



As a bonus, you can now find new and dangerous monsters while you adventure through different dimensions. Celebrities like Edgar Allan Poe and Joan of Arc will pose a great challenge and your usual monsters now come in three tiers, each of them more difficult than the previous one. Fortunately, the higher the difficulty the better reward you get if you defeat them.

Nightingale continues its journey through Early Access, and with all these additions is a step closer to becoming the perfect choice for those looking for a different type of survival experience. If you want to give it an opportunity, check out the best deals to purchase Nightingale and get ready to discover all that the game has to offer.

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