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Don’t Nod’s new narrative game Harmony: Fall of Reverie coming this June

Don’t Nod’s new narrative game Harmony: Fall of Reverie coming this June

Don’t Nod has just announced that their newest game Harmony: Fall of Reverie is set to release on June 8, 2023. The makers of Life is Strange, Remember Me, and Tell Me Why have crafted a new dramatic narrative featuring human relationships with a supernatural side. Have a peek at the Harmony: Fall of Reverie trailer here:



Life is Stranger

Harmony: Fall of Reverie follows the tale of Polly, a young woman who returns to her hometown to find it in the clutches of a megacorporation. Worse still, her mother has gone missing. In the course of looking for her, Polly stumbles across another dimension called Reverie, which is inhabited by cosmic beings known as Aspirations. Each of these beings represents a quality that humans seek to achieve: Bliss, Power, Chaos, Glory, Truth, and Bond, and each seeks to take control of Reverie. Polly takes on a new role as Harmony, a sort of representative of the Aspirations and a means of ending their discord. 

The story is told via a 2D visual novel with various branching choices. What’s interesting is that the game tells a two-fold tale wherein your decisions in one world affect the other. The way you make decisions is through a new mechanic called the Augural Board. Your dialogue choices in the real world are plotted out thanks to Harmony’s foresight ability. Taking a choice favored by an Aspiration will win you a crystal under that being (and possibly make you lose one from an opposing Aspiration). Crystals can be used to unlock new scenes with each Aspiration, furthering the story and possibly determining the ending you get. 

Of course, you’ll end up making some hard choices. Will you side with Bliss to let someone have their happiness at the cost of Truth? Or will you seek Power’s favor, sacrificing relationships under Bond? Or is the randomness of Chaos the way to go?

Featuring beautiful comic-books style artwork coupled with a soundtrack by Celeste composer Lena Reine, Harmony: Fall of Reverie will very turn out to be a gorgeous game. You can see for yourself by downloading the demo which is available on Steam until May 21. Meanwhile, the full game will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 8, then on consoles come June 22. If you love the game, pre-order a Harmony: Fall of Reverie PC key from our comparator today.

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