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Moonlighter receives its first expansion

Moonlighter receives its first expansion

Moonlighter is an indie action role-playing game developed by Spanish studio Digital Sun that has delighted players with its beautiful graphics since it was released on May 29, 2018. In this unique adventure, you will play as a hard-working shopkeeper that manages his shop during the day. That is nothing unusual, but the surprise comes when you find out that he leaves his shop at night to explore dungeons, fight monsters and collect the items that he will sell at his own shop during the day.



Our unusual hero is about to delve into serious adventuring with the release of the first paid DLC for Moonlighter. Those that have finished the original game will be glad to know that Between Dimensions DLC is adding a new endgame dungeon to the game, as well as several new enemies, minibosses and heaps of loot for you to gather and sell at your shop. Will, our famous shopkeeper, will find an exciting new world beyond a strange portal that has appeared to the north of his town, Rynoka. To succeed in this new adventure, he will be able to make use of a new set of armor and ten unique "Trick Weapons" with powerful and strange capabilities. Alongside the launch of this expansion for Moonlighter, the game is also getting updated with bug fixes and some free additions that will be available for all players. Those updates come on the form of three new shop visitors that you will have to deal with: a group of thieves, an indecisive customer, and a bothersome bird that will bug your other customers.

Between Dimensions is already available on PC but the release date for Moonlighter's expansion on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One has not been revealed yet. Remember that you need the base Moonlighter game to play this expansion, and you can find it at the best price through our comparator.

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