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Metal Slug Tactics delayed to 2023

Metal Slug Tactics delayed to 2023

When you think of Metal Slug, only the popular shoot-em-up arcade comes to mind. That's why Dotemu surprised everyone when the studio announced a completely different take on the franchise with Metal Slug Tactics. Instead of fighting against hordes of enemies in a 2D side-scroller, the new game will allow us to take part in intense turn-based battles in a style similar to XCOM games. 

A new approach to a classic franchise

Despite the significant change in gameplay mechanics, Metal Slug Tactics will bring back some of the most iconic characters of the franchise, including Marco, Tarma, Fio, and Eri. Developer Leikir Studio has also stated that the game will include roguelike elements, although very little information has been revealed regarding these features. The game was revealed during last year's Summer Game Fest, and the fans of the franchise have been eager to know more details about it.

So far, we know that Donald Morden, the evil villain of the franchise, has managed to take control of a country, and the members of the PF Squad will have to solve the problem by using all their tactical knowledge and firepower. We can imagine that each of the characters will have access to unique abilities that you can combine to build up different strategies in the battlefield.



Metal Slug Tactics was scheduled for this year, but publisher Dotemu has announced that the release of the game is delayed until 2023. There's no official release date for the game, but it will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. As usual, you will be able to check out the best deals and buy your Metal Slug Tactics code ahead of release with our comparator. At this rate, 2023 is going to be quite a busy year for the fans of video games because plenty of releases are being delayed.



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