Manor Lords will change its supply system if players agree

Manor Lords will change its supply system if players agree

Manor Lords is another game that has achieved great success even before it was released. The game entered Early Access recently but it was already wishlisted by millions of players on Steam before that. Now that it's finally playable, players have finally experienced its gameplay and the overall experience is what they expected. The game puts you in the shoes of a medieval lord and challenges you to build up and manage your territory starting from a small village until you turn it into a thriving land. Building, resource management, historical authenticity, and medieval warfare are at the core of this unique city builder, but Manor Lords is still in development and its creators are requesting the help of the community to improve it.



Trade is too easy

Among the few concerns from the players that have already tried Manor Lords, trade is the most relevant one. This feature has been deemed as overpowered by a majority of players who consider that it's currently too easy to become incredibly rich just by selling a single type of good. Developer Slavic Magic has already done something to try and fix this. Now the price of a certain good will lower if you sell too much of it, but the studio is not completely sold on this yet. They have requested the help of the community on this matter by opening a poll on the game's Discord server proving that they care about what the players have to say. 

"I was never quite sure about it since I thought specializing regions in producing certain goods is how the game should be played. There are other possible ways to make sure players have what to spend their fortunes on in future builds. But of course, there is a risk players just won't have to build production chains at all if they can import everything without any consequence, possibly not having to interact with certain gameplay mechanics at all."

Manor Lords is currently a best-seller on Steam with a peak of over 170,000 players throughout the last weekend. The game still has a long road ahead until the final version is released, and it may be subject to significant changes. Of course, the best discounts to buy Manor Lords and immerse in its medieval world are already available with our comparator.

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