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The Last Train Home is ready to embark

The Last Train Home is ready to embark

Developer Ashborne Games and publisher THQ Nordic unveiled a launch trailer for Last Train Home, now available worldwide on PC. In this real-time strategy game, players must embark on the Czechoslovak Legionaries' Odyssey to Vladivostok, enduring the bumps and hurdles while confronting the ruthless Red Army, all the while surviving the gnawing pangs of hunger and the bone-chilling cold of Siberia.

This odyssey is long, grueling, and full of challenges—a true test of mettle. In a blend of factual events with strategic gameplay and resource management, players must bring all their knowledge and tactical sense to survive the journey of Last Train Home.

Last Train Home was developed by Ashborne Games. This relatively new game studio contributed to projects like the Mafia series and Dark Train and even produced its own game with Comanche. Now, they've decided to up the ante and release Last Train Home, an RTS with various iconic mechanics that aims to create a unique gameplay environment.



The game is divided into two instances of gameplay: tactical battles and train management. 

In the realm of battles, the player needs to send their squad to explore the Siberian countryside, gathering information and resources while eventually engaging enemies. Numerous evasive maneuvers and tactics can ensure your team's victory with minimal casualties, so it's up to the player to identify and apply the most efficient ones.

The other gameplay aspect of Last Train Home involves managing your train's facilities and crew. Your crew comprises individuals before being soldiers, and the player must safely take everyone to the final destination. To achieve this, it's necessary to equip your soldiers, listen to their stories, improve their skills and class, and upgrade the facilities inside the train.

With features such as crafting, exploration, and diplomacy, you'll need to do everything to ensure your soldiers are well-equipped, resources are always abundant, and sometimes, use your political prowess to avoid battles and forge alliances. No matter how, your goal is safely bringing the Last Train Home, home.

To ensure this, you can upgrade the train, unlock new upgrades, and improve the vehicle's durability. Facilities like hospitals, workshops, and cargo stores are essential for caring for your troops while maintaining a prudent organizational level for future challenges.

Overall, Last Train Home is an RTS that constantly relies on the player's strategy to proceed. If you're excited about this dynamic, check our comparator for the best CD Key deals for Last Train Home and ensure a safe journey for all your crew members.

  • Official website : Last Train Home
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : THQ Nordic
  • Developer : Ashborne Games
  • Mode(s) :
  • Release date : November 28, 2023
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