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Jagged Alliance 3 will support online co-op

Jagged Alliance 3 will support online co-op

The Jagged Alliance series has always been popular among the fans of strategy because it's one of the precursors of the turn-based tactics genre. The structure of its games has not changed much since the first game was released in 1995 but many improvements and novelties were added in Jagged Alliance 2, and the latest installment in the series promises to bring even more. In Jagged Alliance 3 you will control a squad of mercenaries once more, but this time you have been hired to rescue the president of the fictional country of Grand Chien who has been kidnapped by a paramilitary group.

Jagged Alliance 3 promises the return of characters well-known to the fans of the series as well as intense turn-based tactical combats. Having its predecessors as a foundation, you can expect a solid gameplay experience that will appeal to the fans of the genre. The game also introduces a series of novelties to enhance the experience, like a dynamic campaign map, more customization options than ever, the possibility of unlocking side missions by gain intel while you progress in the game, and more.



Share your adventure with a friend

Developer Haemimont Games has also revealed recently that Jagged Alliance 3 will have a feature that has been requested by the fans of the series for a long time: online co-op multiplayer for up to two players during the campaign. One of the players will act as the host and the other as the partner. The first one can either create a new campaign to share it with a friend or invite a partner to an ongoing adventure. They will hire and control their squads separately but also share the funds and their turn during combat. You can check out all the intricacies of the system in the official developer diary on this matter.

Overall, Jagged Alliance 3 aims to deliver an experience that is as seamless and dynamic as possible. You will also be able to modify the experience as you please since the game will support modding. The release of the game is scheduled for next Friday and the best prices to purchase your Jagged Alliance 3 PC key are already available at our comparator.

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