Into the Breach is free on Epic Games Store

Into the Breach is free on Epic Games Store

It seems that Epic Games Store doesn't run out of video games to hand out for free to their users and this week everyone is able to get a free copy ofInto the Breach on the said gaming platform. Although it is true that the game from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light has been available for free on Epic Games Store already, it's still a great opportunity to get a true masterpiece of the turn-based strategy genre. Although Into the Breach seems to be quite simple when it comes to visuals it's a very polished game in terms of gameplay and it offers a great experience that will make you want to keep playing it.

Into the Breach is a challenging turn-based strategy game in which you have to defend the planet from the invasion of an army of gigantic monsters known as the Vek. To do so, you will have at your disposal a group of mechs that are equipped with a specific set of weapons. Each of those can be improved as you progress through the game, and you can also equip them with new armaments. Into the Breach is not so much about firepower and positioning is the key if you want to win. 

Your mechs and the enemy units will be deployed on a map which is covered by a grid, and each of the weapons and abilities that you can use has different range and damage, but they can also have added effects like restricting the movements of your enemies and pushing or pulling them. Only by combining the abilities of your different mechs, you will be able to achieve victory. Sometimes Into the Breach feels more like a puzzle game with multiple possible solutions depending on your performance.



Of course, every stage will challenge you with a different scenario and victory conditions, so it's not always a matter of destroying all enemies. Also, the terrain affects your units and your enemies, and in some stages, it can even change to make things even more difficult for you.

In terms of replayability, Into the Breach features different groups of mechs that you can use, each of them with different units that favor a certain style of gameplay. 

If you don't have Into the Breach yet, we definitely recommend you give it a try. It will be available for free for a whole week.

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